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China ramps up 'pressure tactics' as Hong Kong protests push on | News | Al Jazeera

For Hong Kong’s innovators, the path to success begins …

 · The Hong Kong government has identified I&T as a key future economic driver and allocated more than HK$100 billion (US$12.86 billion) to the sector in recent years.
Hong Kong: Arbitrary arrests. brutal beatings and torture in police detention revealed | Amnesty International

‘Society is suffering’: Hong Kong protests spark …

 · A study by Hong Kong University released in July found nearly one in 10 were suffering from probable depression, as well as an increase in suicidal …
Hong Kong: Police must defuse campus standoff to avoid more tragedy | Amnesty International

What Are America’s Interests in Hong Kong? – The …

The hardnosed new U.S. approach to Hong Kong may actually end up undermining U.S. interests in the region. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 epidemic has failed to bring the world together like a common
Hong Kong protester shot in street confrontation with police | Hong Kong protests News | Al Jazeera
Hong Kong Economy
Hong Kong Economy,Hong Kong Economic Situation,Latest Developments Gross Domestic Product and its major components Latest situation The Hong Kong economy contracted by 6.1% for 2020 as a whole, the sharpest annual decline on record.
Hong Kong historian witnesses dictatorship on the doorstep | Times Higher Education (THE)

Young people being failed by Hong Kong’s old policies …

Young people being failed by Hong Kong’s old policies Professor Stefan KÜHNER The Hong Kong government’s increased investment in post-secondary education has led to an expanding population of associate and university degree graduates.
Apple apparently bans app that allowed Hong Kong protesters to track p
Hong Kong: The Facts
 · PDF 檔案Tourism The tourism industry is one of the major pillars of the economy of Hong Kong. In 2018, it contributed to around 4.5% of Hong Kong’s GDP and employed around 257 000 persons, accounting for about 6.6% of total employment. In 2019, total visitor arrivals
Hong Kong leader warns of economic 'tsunami' if protests continue | News | Al Jazeera

Top Six Health Issues For Men in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, cerebrovascular diseases are the fourth most common cause of death, of which hypertension is the leading, and most important, cause. The thing about hypertension is that many people in Hong Kong are simply unaware that they have it.
Hong Kong: Police response to student pro-democracy protest an alarming sign | Amnesty International

Hong Kong National Security Law Has Consequences …

Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam has defended that the national security law, calling the new law “mild.” Still, she warned ominously that those who violate the law will face “very serious
Mass protests in Hong Kong over Tiananmen massacre. World News |

‘Stay Out of Politics’: What Hong Kong’s Law Means for …

 · The impact of the details of the law are limited as nothing comes completely unexpected. Yiu Si-wing, a Hong Kong lawmaker who represents the tourism industry and chairman of …
Virus impact: Panic-buying of essentials in Hong Kong | The Seattle Times
COVID-19 Thematic Website
Prevention and control measures for persons travelling to Guangdong and Macao from Hong Kong & Recognised medical testing institutions for COVID-19 nucleic acid test Statistics on Testing for COVID-19 in Hong Kong Quarantine centres Situation on Public
Riot Police Fire Tear Gas at Hong Kong Protesters Demanding Autonomy

Hong Kong’s worsening housing shortage forces …

Hong Kong suffers from its chronic land shortage because some 7.3 million people live in a space roughly half the area of Tokyo. All land in Hong Kong is owned by the government, which auctions
Virus impact: Panic-buying of essentials in Hong Kong
Media factsheet: Hong Kong BN(O) Visa route
China has passed the national security law in Hong Kong which restricts the rights and freedoms of the people of Hong Kong. In response, the UK Government is introducing a new immigration route for British National (Overseas) status holders, providing the opportunity for them and their family members to live, work and study in the UK.
Virus impact: Panic-buying of essentials in Hong Kong
Why Business Has a Stake in Hong Kong’s Protests
“Hong Kong will lose some of its appeal—for mainland Chinese people trying to put some assets off shore, for foreign people and companies setting up shop in Hong Kong, and for local Hong Kong
How Apple. Google and Blizzard Are Silencing Hong Kong Protesters | Tom's Guide

Impact of SARS on Chinese Economy (

Impact on Hong Kong As China’s biggest source of foreign investment, Hong Kong has always been an important force in the mainland’s economic development. SARS has not only dealt a serious blow to the Hong Kong economy but has also affected the entry of Hong Kong enterprises to the mainland market.
Hong Kong student who fell during weekend protests dies | News | Al Jazeera
Long work hours and the impact on your health
Hong Kong holds a multitude of ‘number ones’, many of which people in the city take pride in. A recent report has awarded the city yet another number one, this time in relation to hours worked. According to UBS’s 2015 Prices and Earnings report people in Hong Kong work an average of 2,606 hours a year, or 50.1 hours a week, the most out of the 71 cities included in the report.