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攝影師,程序員和企業家。在世界各地的精選蘋果商店,蘋果公司將在整個3月認可App Store中的女性開發者,蘋果將在3月份重點推廣女性研發App_ …

為了慶祝國際婦女節,Hillary Yip. emprendedora más joven del mundo con 12 años: arrasa con MinorMynas. su app para aprender idiomas - Mundo - Diario La Informacion

香港13歲少女CEO研發外語學習APP 連馬雲都邀她演講 加拿大中 …

 · 香港13歲少女CEO研發外語學習APP 連馬雲都邀她演講 2018-04-28 (星期六) Hillary Yip is a 13-year-old girl from Hong Kong. While her peers are fascinated by stars, she has no interests at all and thus was excluded by her classmates.

慶祝國際婦女節,參觀者可以參加“Made By Women”系列中的60多場課程。 3月17日的會議將是14歲的Hillary Yip參與的一場App
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Hillary Yip was 10 years old when she developed her MinorMyna language app, creating an online immersive environment for her peers. Join her for an Art Lab at Apple Causeway Bay on March 17. Emily Grasile, the Chicago Field Museum’s chief curiosity correspondent, uses a variety of new media to communicate the importance of natural history museums with the world.

Half child, half CEO
Hong Kong-based Hillary Yip founded her own business at the age of 10. She is now 14 years old and manages her app startup while still going to school. A normal childhood is thus hardly possible. She knows how to improvise, no matter how many people she has
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3 月 17 日的會議將是 14 歲的 Hillary Yip 參與的一場 App Lab 活動。Hillary Yip 是語言學習平臺 MinorMyna 的聯合創始人兼首席執行官。Hillary Yip 的會議將在香港銅鑼灣蘋果商店舉行。
Hillary Yip 香港 13 歲少女 CEO 研發語言學習 app 連馬雲都邀她演講 加拿大中文電臺 AM1470 FM96.1
Is this the best time in history to learn languages?
 · Hillary Yip is a 13-year-old student from Hong Kong. She’s also an ambitious app developer and CEO. Designed by a kid, for kids, her smartphone app, Minor Mynas, connects children from around
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Hillary Yip, di Hong Kong, è la creatrice di Minor Mynas, un’app per aiutare i più piccoli a imparare le lingue 在 Facebook 上查看 Corriere della Sera 的更多內容
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Meet 13-year-old CEO Hillary Yip
按一下以在 Bing 上檢視 · Hillary Yip, a 13-year-old CEO is in charge of her own language learning app called ‘Minor Mynas.’ But more importantly she is an advocate for young people of her age to, “become
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Hillary Yip is the 13-year-old founder and CEO of MinorMynas, the social language learning app for kids. In 2016, she won the 1st Price and Best Business Award at the AIA Emerging Entrepreneur challenge at …
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Hillary Yip, con 15 años es la CEO más joven del mundo Publicado: – Jul 24, 2020 La pequeña Hillary, inició su camino en el mundo de la tecnología y el emprendimiento a los 10 años. Con tan solo 15 años, Hilary Yip se convierte en el CEO más joven del mundo.
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MinorMynas, Hong Kong. 6,250 likes · 4 talking about this. MinorMynas aims to connect all the kids in the world in a safe online environment to make friends, learn from and inspire each other.
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Hillary Yip is the 14-year-old founder and CEO of MinorMynas, which aims to build a global kids community on the safest online platform possible. In 2016, her original idea of MinorMynas received the 1st Prize and Best Business Award at the AIA Emerging Entrepreneur challenge in Hong Kong, which jump started her entrepreneurship journey.
Hillary Yip 香港 13 歲少女 CEO 研發語言學習 app 連馬雲都邀她演講 加拿大中文電臺 AM1470 FM96.1

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Develop your ideas for social and put them into action regardless of your age. As part of our Made by Women series, entrepreneur Hillary Yip will share her creative journey of developing apps and bringing ideas to life. Kids will learn how to brainstor
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Hillary Yip, 13-year-old, a teenage CEO in Hong Kong, she designed an education app where children from around the world can simply hang out and chat, helping each other learn their own language. The motto of Hillary is a quote from a famous Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world”. She sincerely hopes the openness of children can lead to a world of fewer