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Newarts Ampoule Opener is made of special engineering plastic. It is compatible with multiple sizes of ampoule and can protect medical professionals from glass shard injuries. Besides easy carrying, it is easy to clean and sterilize the opener by wiping with 75% alcohol, soaking in 2% glutaraldehyde (Cidex) for around 3-10 hours, or autoclaving (270 ° F or 132 °C/32psig/4 min).
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Multi-Use Ampoule Opener Reference Material Total Ampoule Solution – Just Snap, Clip and Check! A Simply Safer Way to Open Glass Ampoules Instructions for Use Videos & Links About SnapIT Ampoule Openers SnapIT – Rank 4 (Top 10) in SnapIT is the
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Ampoule Opener – These blue, plastic openers help minimise the risk of injury when opening medical ampoules. Shop medical treatment accessories and medical supplies at Praxisdienst! Praxisdienst offers a wide selection of medical supplies. Please select your Health Care 7371 Ampule Opener - 1 Each: Health & Personal Care
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Ampoule Opener – QLICKSMART® SnapIT, Personal Edition Product Family Sterilization Color Clear SKU: Select options from above to determine SKU Stocked at MYCO How to Order Request a Sample FAQs Distributor Content FAQS How do you empty the ampoule opener

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Multifunctional Ampoule Opener| with Replaceable Grinding Wheel, Suitable for Home Daily or Medical Use, Cut The Ampoule or Medical Glass, Good Partner for Ampoule (Blue) 4.5 out of 5 stars 11 $5.95 #14 SP Bel-Art Break-Safe Ampule Opener, 3¾ x
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inplusDESIGN Ampoule Opener for extremely easy and fast opening of glass ampoules. As easy as pressing a button, without contact to the ampoule which minimizes any risk of injury. Description The Intelligent Ampoule Opener stands for a unique, playful principle
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Qlicksmart SnapIT Lite Ampoule Opener $10.90 $13.80 On Sale Qlicksmart SnapIT Multi Use Ampoule Opener $27.50 $29.99 On Sale Liberty Vial Opener $5.95 $8.00 On Sale Qlicksmart SnapIT Trolley Aluminium Ampoule Opener From $31.95 $33.20 Products
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ampoule opener中文[作業 運輸] 小瓶開啟工具; 安瓿開啟工具 …,點擊查查權威綫上辭典詳細解釋ampoule opener的中文翻譯,用法和例句等。
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The ampoule opener can be used with a mating base or on a countertop or other flat surface. The ampoule opener removes the need for the user to touch the ampoule during or after opening. Skip to: Description · Claims · Patent History · Patent History
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Have you had enough of cutting your fingers when opening ampoules?These simple silicone devices will help facilitate opening ampoules safely without cutting yourself. Easy to wipe and clean to conform with infection control. Supplied and created by Enfermera en
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Snapit Ampoule Opener – Instructions How to open glass ampoules 1. Insert the ampoule lid into the Snapit (align the dots, if the ampoule has a dot) 2. Snap open the ampoule (snap away from the dot) 3. Eject the ampoule lid elitecare® Neurological Penlight $
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Above Wall Mounted Ampoule Opener suppliers include wholesale Wall Mounted Ampoule Opener, Wall Mounted Ampoule Opener from China, India & Worldwide. Back to top of the page for chinese Wall Mounted Ampoule Opener.
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Qlicksmart SnapIT® Ampoule Opener (Aluminium) Regular $29.95 View Details Qlicksmart SnapIT® Ampoule Opener (Lite) Large $15.95 Add to Cart 7 Item(s) Sort By Show per page View as: 100% Satisfaction Policy It’s quite simple really, we aren’t happy We
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Buy high quality ampoule openers from our wide range of nursing equipment. Shop online now at! 100% Satisfaction Policy – It’s quite simple really, we aren’t happy unless you are. We strive in every area of eNurse, and our aim is to provide you with
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Ampoule opener Ampoule opener From ROTH SELECTION Write review Share Length Width Product details €55.40 /Pack Qty. excl. VAT. | 1 unit(s) per Pack Qty. Art. No. CXT2.1 In stock Delivery fast, simple and reliable! from 6 Pack Qty. €52.63