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Fun with Amazon S3— Leaks and bucket takeover attack

Amazon S3 Cloud Data Leak Affects 123M American …

Security firm UpGuard on Dec. 19 reported yet another Amazon S3 data leak—this one from data analytics firm Alteryx, which exposed information on 123 million American households.
Fun with Amazon S3— Leaks and bucket takeover attack

Update: BioTel Heart notifies patients of vendor leak. Did …

In August, 2020, reported on a data leak discovered by a researcher. The leaky Amazon s3 bucket appeared to be storing more than 60,000 files related to patients having cardiac diagnostic monitoring and evaluation. The files included medical
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Exposed Cloud-Storage Services Leak OT/ICS Data Too
 · Improperly securing ICS data such as project files within cloud-storage platforms such as Amazon S3 puts OT networks at risk. By Sharon Brizinov | Claroty Research Team | October 05, 2020 Poorly configured Amazon S3 buckets have been at the core of many embarrassing data leaks in recent years, as giant mobile companies, military contractors, and financial and consulting firms among many …
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Another misconfigured Amazon S3 bucket, another …

 · EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Pocket iNet, an ISP, left a bonanza of sensitive information exposed, including passwords and confidential corporate data, thanks to a misconfigured Amazon S3 storage bucket. Setting context for the gravity of the situation, Motherboard explains, “ISPs are particularly juicy targets for bad actors given their insight into every shred of data that touches their …
Another Wide-Open Amazon S3 Bucket Exposes Verizon Customer Account Data -- AWSInsider

Data Breach: Around 9,500 Apartment-Sharing Site Users …

 · WizCase has uncovered an open Amazon S3 bucket on an American apartment home-sharing platform, Niido. The leak exposed over 9,500 users’ personal information, including full names, email addresses, and phone numbers. We have contacted the company
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College database leaking nearly 1 million students’ data
Your private college data might be publically available, and you might not even know about it. Read up what we have found. We recently discovered an unsecured Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) bucket, or database, containing nearly 1 million records of sensitive high school student academic information.
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Porn cam network leaked sensitive data for thousands of …

 · Researchers at vpnMentor have discovered that a porn cam affiliate network, PussyCash, left nearly 20GB of models’ extremely sensitive data exposed in an Amazon S3 bucket.
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Hundreds of exposed Amazon cloud backups found …

 · You may have heard of exposed S3 buckets — those Amazon-hosted storage servers packed with customer data but often misconfigured and inadvertently set to “public” for anyone to access.
Experts found 540 Million Facebook user records on unprotected Amazon S3 bucketsSecurity Affairs

Netflix, Ford, TD Bank Data Exposed by Open Amazon …

Israeli-based data integration and big data management Attunity exposed the data of Fortune 100 customers such as Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD Bank), Ford, and Netflix after
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Amazon S3: News, Reviews, Analysis and Insights
Latest Amazon S3 news, reviews, analysis, insights and tutorials. Stay up to date with Amazon S3 news and whitepapers.
Kromtech Security Center Releases S3 Inspector for Amazon S3 Users

Open AWS database leaks PayMyTab customers’ …

 · Over the years, Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (aka S3) has become a popular data storage solution that comes as part of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud hosting service.
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Data breach exposes tens of thousands of NSW driver’s …

“Transport for NSW is however working with Cyber Security NSW to investigate the alleged data issue relating to an Amazon Web Services S3 bucket containing personal information including driver
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Offensive OSINT s01e07
In this episode we are going to find a sensitive data leak with unique tool I made – LeakLooker X. I added new features to detect leaks from Github repositories, anonymous FTP, 2x methods for Amazon S3 buckets and way to scan for API keys in HTML source
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Copy data from Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
To copy data from Amazon S3, make sure you’ve been granted the following permissions for Amazon S3 object operations: s3:GetObject and s3:GetObjectVersion. If you use Data Factory UI to author, additional s3:ListAllMyBuckets and s3:ListBucket / s3:GetBucketLocation permissions are required for operations like testing connection to linked service and browsing from root.