4×4 vs 2×8 ram 16

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16 GB Memory Question – 4×4 or 2×8?
 · 16 GB Memory Question – 4×4 or 2×8 . i am going with corsair ripjaws , both have same timing , my mother board support dual channel , and my processor amd fx-8350 , i know 8×2 is better for future updated , but i mean will there be a difference betweern 4×4 and
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16gb 2666 4×4 vs 16gb 3200 2×8
 · I have right now patrior viper elite 4x4gb 2666 mhz with r7 2700x and i was thinking is it worth to pay for 2×8 3200 ram and how big gains it provides with paired 3060 ti in 1440p TheLostSwede Joined Nov 11, 2004 Messages 7,321 (1.24/day) Location Formosa
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16GB 2X8 or 4X4
 · Just wanted to add, 2×8 Gb would be better if you are seeking to over clock your memory. Otherwise there is no downside to running 4×4 Gb. I have my 4x 4Gb Samsung 30nm sticks running at 2133 cas11 on sandy bridge with no issues.
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2×8 or 4×4
 · The only time I would recommend 4×4 is if your system is quad channel memory, which would yield significant performance gains in a lot of CPU bound tasks, available memory bandwidth is doubled. Otherwise 2x8GB is preferred on dual channel systems.
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Ram config: 1×16 or 4×4 (or 8×2)?: PC Talk Forum: …

 · 2×8 will also give you two cards for troubleshooting. If one ram card should go bad, then you can troubleshoot by running one card at a time. If you get a 1×16, aside from not having dual channel, there’s no way to know if that ram card is bad, or the CPU, or the
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4×4 GB vs 2×8 GB RAM DDR3 1600
Hallo, Ich werde mir ein GA-Z77X-UD3H Mainboard kaufen. Das Mainboard unterstützt Quad Channel. Jetzt ist die Frage, bei 2×8 hab ich Dual Channel, bei 4x4GB Quad Channel. Was ist schneller/besser? Würde LP RAM kaufen.

Memoria ram 2×8 o 4×4
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1x16gb RAM VS 2×8? :: Hardware and Operating Systems

2×8 so you can run in dual channel, while the difference is minor Vs a single dimm, it is still worth doing given the option, so the memory runs at its best. Also, while your at it, remember to enable xmp in your bios so the memory runs at its stated speeds.

16gb di ram… meglio 2×8 o 4×4??
ciao, domanda: per fare 16gb di ram è meglio 2x8gb o 4×4?? o non cambia niente?? quali sono le migliori ram ddr3 1600 sul mercato?? grazie!! 13,961 2,869 CPU Intel i5 4690K 4.8 Ghz + Macho HR 02 Rev.A + Noctua NT- H1 Scheda Madre Asrock Z97 Extreme 4

32GB RAM – 4×8 oder 2×16?
2×8 RAM vs 4×4 RAM | RYZEN Test in 5 Games – YouTube ist sogar 4×4 schneller als 2×8. Da sind teilweise auch durchaus 5% Unterschied bei den FPS . G golem1989 Enthusiast Mitglied seit 11.07.2009

Changement de RAM
Ram Problème RAM Lenovo M58 Écran bleu à cause des nouvelles RAM GTX 1070 & 8Go RAM ou GTX 1060 & 16GO RAM [RAM] Upgrade intelligente, besoin d’avis. Pc s’éteint tout seul après changement gpu CM/CPU/RAM Changement de carte mère

DDR3 and DDR4 RAM – Memory Upgrade
DDR3 Memory – RAM for Gaming Learn more about DDR3 memory and how you can use RAM to upgrade your gaming experience. What DDR4 Can Do for Your Gaming Experience

CPU, Cartes mères, RAM : 16 Go de RAM en 4×4 ou 2×8

CPU, Cartes mères, RAM : 16 Go de RAM en 4×4 ou 2×8 ?, CPU, Cartes mères, RAM, forums Salut à toute la communauté Je compte monter une nouvelle configuration d’ici la fin de l’année et pense

LGA 1155 4X4 gb vs 2X8 gb?
Pamięci RAM LGA 1155 4X4 gb vs 2X8 gb? Zaloguj się, aby obserwować tę zawarto ść Obserwujący 0 LGA 1155 4X4 gb vs 2X8 gb? dodany przez s99, 5 Lutego 2019 w Pamięci RAM Rekomendowane odpowiedzi s99 247 s99

16 Go de RAM en 4×4 ou 2×8 ?
RE: [Résolu] 16 Go de RAM en 4×4 ou 2×8 ? Chez MatNet ils voulaient absolument me faire régler la RAM en 1333 (la barrette ne fonctionnait pas mieux) alors que le réglage normal doit-être de 1600 ce que l’on m’a confirmé sur le site de G.Skill.